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Nobleford Truck & Car Wash

Why wait in line in Lethbridge, when you can wash your truck at the Nobleford Truck & Car Wash?

Nobleford Truck & Car Wash provides their customers with a high quality and customer friendly car and truck wash that will meet all your needs. Our car and truck wash operates 24 hours a day, Monday through Saturday.

Nobleford Truck Wash offers efficient, consistent, and quality cleaning services for trucks and large commercial vehicles. With our flexible hours and payment options you will receive customized, convenient cleaning.

Our facility includes:

– Four bays – single vehicle & semi truck – Fleet Cards for Companies
– Takes $1 & $2 coins – Pre-soak
– Soap – Rinse
– Citric Acid – Fire Hose
– Foamer

Contact Us

Physical Address
229 13th St.
Nobleford, AB
T0L 1S0

Mailing Address
PO Box 1237
Picture Butte, AB
T0K 1V0

Custom Washes:

Nobleford Truck wash now offers custom cattle and pig liner washing. Operating Monday through Saturday. Call the office for pricing and more info.

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